About us

Pastoral care and reporting the efficient way

The system is made by UniMate Software, a software company founded in 1990, delivering specialised tailormade systems for public administration and medium sized private companies.

Development is being done in Bucharest, Romania, were we have had a development unit since 1996. We have provided systems for England, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Romania, France and Faroe Islands since 1994 and our systems include UniMate ChildCare, UniMate Mooring, UniMate WorkTime, UniMate WorkTeams, UniMate Inspect, UniMate Ground, UniMate Logistics, UniMate InfoPro, UniMate Support, UniMate ETOP, UniMate Stock, UniMate Archive, UniMate Dosco System, – and Tamema Church Management System.

You can find more information on our main company site for UniMate Software.