Organise your care

Pastoral care and reporting the efficient way


Use the Tamema system to organise your care.

Easy and light

The system can be tailor made to each church organisation.

Work reports

Registering your work the easy way. Evaluate yourself.

Focus on people

Tamema helps you in handling visits, calls and birthdays.

Local versions available

The system has been produced with the Seventh-Day Adventist Church in mind and how this church operates. Each country often have their own policies. Tamema functionality is adapted to this situation and not only a translated global system. 

English version

The system is produced in the English version as the main platform.

Norwegian version

The Norwegian version has a focus on the Mobile App version and is adapted to the Adventist Church in Norway.

Looking for Android app download?  Go here

Danish version

The Danish version contain some other modules that also integrates with the Microsoft Navision system.

Let us hear from you!

If you would like to get more information about how the Tamema system can serve you, please use the form below and we will contact you shortly.